Last updated: October 2017



The British Columbia Federation Of Drift Fishers was formed in March 1996 by a group of concerned anglers who felt their angling opportunities were in jeopardy. The organization grew to exceed 900 members.

The Federation has grown to be known as the "Voice of River Anglers."

Protection of the resource is our primary concern. The Federation is committed to working with other similar minded organizations and government agencies, whose goals parallel our own.

Concerned anglers who wish to preserve anadromous fish stocks for future generations should consider joining the Federation: your voice can make a difference!

We are represented on all major provincial boards and committees, including a seat on the "Sports Fishing Advisory Board."

If you fish B.C. rivers or are concerned about the future of steelhead and salmon stocks, please consider joining us! Your voice alone is quiet, but collectively we are heard!         

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